Semen For Breakfast!

I blame you, Jce989, for asking what a raw food breakfast looks like.
Publish date:
January 15, 2013
kale, taste, raw food diet, sperm-like

So you know I did a raw-food cleanse last week. And I haven't been interested in going back to eating old, hot, dirty DEAD food since then, so am doing my own cobbled-together version of a raw diet (LOTS of kale chips).

My breakfasts all week were different flavors of Chia Pudding, which has almond milk and Chia seeds and some sweetener like agave or raw honey or something, maybe some vanilla. It was recommended as a dessert to Bassey when she wrote about her raw-food diet over the summer. It looks like semen. Like semen where you can actually see the sperm swimming in it! Especially when it gets on your shirt, which my breakfast does many mornings, and dries there. Or in the creases of your corduroys, where it is particularly impossible to wipe off.

I like the texture, but I love food with things in it. And it tastes SO GOOD, especially by day 3 of raw-food-only when your tastebuds have become more attuned and your sense of smell is even keener (funny word) than when you were pregnant. It tastes way better than semen.

So there you have it, lovely commenter Jce989 who asked the question I am answering here in this photo: what a raw-food breakfast looks like. I'm sure there are other versions of raw breakfasts -- this is just the only one I know about.

You can also add to this mixture my new favorite health/beauty/mood-uplifting/mind-enhancing secret: MACA! I know it's not new at all, but man do I love that root powder. Maca is supposed to be good for energy, libido, hormonal balancing and cramps and I am here to say that I have never felt more sane and energetic and HIGH AS A KITE than the two days that I've ingested a tablespoon of maca powder in a drink or in my little brekkie here. Try it and tell me what you think! It tastes about as good as semen.