See You in Austin (Help Me First!)

Back in December, I asked you to help title the speech I am giving ...
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February 13, 2013
sxsw, Austin, public speaking, shingles

Back in December, I asked you to help title the speech I am giving (with your kind help) in March at SXSW. We didn't get the title we wanted, because it was too long (though the profanity in it was just fine--thanks!). So it was edited down to this official title: Jane Pratt: Secrets of a Publishing Renegade. Thank you thank you thank you.

Now another request in my ongoing crowd-sourcing/CREATIVE COLLABORATION WITH Y'ALL:

I am super hyper nervous about this thing (though the nerves are currently being helped by that lotion Annie and Olivia just gave me). So hyper anxious that I woke up on Sunday morning at 5 am imagining I could feel my shinglescoming back. (Another example of what I am trying to prevent here: remember when I got hives before that other speech?

Maybe my nerves are around the fact that I have never been to this (or any?) interactive conference thingy. Maybe they are exacerbated by not having done anything to prepare for it (see my current procrastination confirmation here on my phone).

Which is where you come in! I will be picking some of you to actually come on stage with me while I give this talk, so if you are into that, awesome, let me know here, and help me out. And if you aren't going to be there but have something you want me to mention onstage, I can do that too. And since you are doing this with me (every painful and fun step of the way), let's start your help here with any tips you may have for reducing my nerves.

PS I just got invited to co-host Anderson Cooper's show with him before I go to Austin and I am not the least bit nervous about that -- though I prefer to not have shingles for it. I always think it is funny what we blow up in our minds to get nervous about -- in this case, I think it is somewhat the fear of the unknown. Anyway, I would love your help.