Say Any Random Thing at All in This Scattered, Star-Studded Open Thread

Such as: I just had oral surgery, WOOHOO!!!!!
Publish date:
July 15, 2016
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Because I am loopy and puffy after oral surgery — and you are incredibly important and always and forever the main focus of my weekly Open Threads — I am not going to chronicle my monthlong foray in the hills of California. Rather, I'm going to present you with some random photos captioned with random questions that you can answer or ignore as you like, and then you all, wherever you are and whatever you're doing, are the rightful stars of the show, so to speak (which, if you are like me, is difficult at the moment. However, I have actually had some not-to-be-named famous people COMPLIMENT my swollen cheeks, a.k.a. "nature's filler." Seriously, my nasolabial folds are like nonexistent! How perfect for LA!).

Now, share with each other any or every random thing that has happened to you this week or this month or this year or any other increment of time you live by — seasons? Vacations? Semesters? Trimesters? You name it.

Talk about your new relationships that are going well (at work, at home, on your commute, online or anywhere else), your long-lasting relationships (with your apartment or your partner or your bird or your parents or whomever), or your relationship with yourself, which is obviously most important.

Open up about bad dreams, big aspirations, small conflicts, big changes, the tiniest minutiae or the most momentous occurrences. Ask for advice, support, directions or breathing exercises. And, of course, know that you are always supported here. There's no wrong way to comment even if everything seems wrong in your life or the world. There's no such thing as you making too many comments. There's no such thing as being late to Open Thread. You are always on time. You are always exactly right where you are meant to be. Stay for as long as you want or need. Welcome back.