Say Whatever Pops Into Your Head In This Anything-Goes Open Thread

And: Should I update my Disqus avatar?
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January 8, 2016
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I've been pretty crazy busy working on some site changes (yeah, the scary "c word," but we think you are going to like them and know that you will tell us when — not even if — you don't, which is one of the many many things I love about you).

Due to that excuse, I haven't done anything besides work and curl up in a fetal position (see below), so there will be exactly nothing clever in this intro. I will leave that up to you and your always brilliant comments.

Tell me about your week, ask each other for help, write love and hate notes to me and each other (actually, only send the hate notes to me), commiserate about work, worry about change, and do your fun and unique thing in the comments below.

And if you struggle with oppositional defiance disorder and want to share/ask/write/commiserate amongst your Open Thread friends, but feel reluctant to do so because I said to, feel free to ignore me or use one of these questions to get over your thread-fright and/or attachment-disorder-based aggression:

How are your New Years resolutions (if you made any) going?

Did you sign the Making a Murderer petition?

Is there an age limit on wearing sneakers to work?

Does Leo deserve an Oscar for The Revenant?

What was the last award show you watched?

What should I say to the Time Inc. execs in our big meeting next week?

With that last, clearly-not-at-all random question in mind, I herby declare this Thread open — in the widest sense of the word. This is your big open comment section to say whatever you want to say to me, staff, or the coworker who eats pungent lunches at the desk next to you. Big and small changes are happening everywhere in all of our lives, but one thing is for sure forever: no matter what’s on your mind, you can say it right here.