Say Something Sweet in This Open Thread Because My Blood Sugar Is Low and Self Care Is Important

That was a semi-joke. This weekly open thread — each and every one! — is actually all here for each and every one of you. So use it as you like!
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February 27, 2015
open thread, Jane

Folks in the office have been fighting the flu, stomach bugs, and various airborne viruses. I prefer not to catch what my contagious -- but still pretty and lovable -- editors are sneezing out, but have had a hard time keeping myself from hugging them anyway, or giving them the occasional kiss on the head. (I did that the other day to relatively new employee Amber -- whom I call G.G. for reasons you are welcome to guess at below -- when she wrote something brilliant. Feel free to tell me how inappropriate that is, if you like. I know that it is and I apologized afterward. Sorry, everyone.)

I am sitting here today with lone survivors Emily and Jessie in an otherwise dead-zone office, and we are all thinking of going to a late afternoon movie and getting popcorn and nachos and lots of sugary candy and HUGE sodas, because being alone here makes it feel like a perfect playing-hooky kind of day.What movie should we see? What candy should we buy? What else?

Whoops, I'm getting ahead of myself with the questions. (But seriously, if you've been sniffle-free all winter, I would love to trade secrets.) And here are a few more ideas to get those comments coming in:

Did you see the dress as white and gold or black and blue???

What are your thoughts on apple cider vinegar?

Have you ever had a crush on a cartoon character?

Is Congress full of mean girls?

Are you a Parks and Rec fan? How are you filling the Lil' Sebastian-shaped void in your heart?

Last but not nearly least: if you're new here, welcome! This thread is your place to say hi, tell us anything, ask each other anything, and say anything that pops into your sweet head. Happy Friday, everyone AND ANYONE!!! Comment to your heart's content and vie for COTW because, thank god, we're bringing it back!

PS I don't really have low blood sugar anymore, because I've been drinking that white mulberry tea twice a day and it really works for me! Sometimes it upsets my stomach a little bit though.