Say Anything At All Right Here Right Now In This Randomness-Loving Open Thread

And specifically: Where were you 14 years ago today?
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September 11, 2015
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It's very appropriately somber in my neighborhood (TriBeCa) today and everyone seems to be acting a little softer and kinder to one another, reminding me somewhat of the way we all acted that day. A Wall-Street-looking guy let a family go ahead of him in line at the TriBeCa Whole Foods express lane this morning, for example -- I mean, what is my little bourgeois world coming to??!

I also am feeling a little more connected to all the extra specials in my life. I'm proud of my kid for being so awesomely 7th grade and I'm proud of my friend for his awesome use of profanity in his statement this week.

I'm also proud of the amazing xoJane and XOVain staffs for keeping it so beautifully together while we have been in extended business flux. And to you all, for making this community so tight and so expansive at the same time. And so soft and kind (mostly -- but I like your sharper edges too).

If you're rightly-so bored with my rambling sentimentality, feel free to roll your eyes like a 7th grader and answer these random questions or skip them entirely and talk amongst yourselves, because this is your weekend open thread and you guys make it perfect every time.

If you could erase one whole thing ENTIRELY from the universe, what would it be?

Do you care about the new iPhone 6S?

What meal always tastes better when you make it at home?

Has your week been ultra kid-centric (whether or not you have kids)?

How do you deal with feeling really, really, really impatient?

Will you be watching the next GOP debate?

Do you hold grudges?

Now do your thing, whatever that thing may be. No love for you will be lost no matter what you say right here right now blah blah blah blah. See what I mean? It's all ok and it doesn't matter what you say, just say something so we can love you even more for saying it.