Share a Random Thought in This All Over the Place Open Thread

Do you have a lot of little things to say and no segues to say them with? One big thing to say? Nothing at all to say? You're all welcome here!
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January 22, 2016
open thread, weekend open thread, Random Things

This is an experiment borne out of necessity. Meaning I have no time to write a lengthy intro, so here are my random thoughts today. Another editor threw in a random curiosity or thought they had this week too — and if you feel like guessing what editor said or felt or was wondering what, go for it. Then I patched them together into this messy little gift for you.

Random thought from today #1) I have never learned to leave well enough alone. One example: I take a crazy amount of vitamins (about 10 per meal?), even though I'm healthy, in some bizarre attempt to be healthier than healthy. My Grandma, who lived to almost 108, left well enough alone.

Random thought from today #2) The trick I do to get perspective on my life when I am feeling less gratitude than I would like: lie on my back on the bed with my head hanging over the edge and look at my little world from upside down. All of the positives are so much clearer that way. To me anyway. I'm in need of doing this tonight.

Random thought from today #3) The only thing that’s cured my cold this winter is an excess of alcohol. Is that a thing?

Random thought from today that wasn't all that random but partially defensive based on some accusations on this site #4) Nothing thrills me more on a deep level, not even sex, than helping someone get their dream career going. I feel like I had such luck with that myself and being part of someone else experiencing that is gold.

Not-Random Message From Today #5) Our managing editor Dan makes his xoJane writing debut this weekend!

Feel free to post your segue-less Random thoughts in the comments. Or feel free to:

ask a question,make an observation,tell a riddle,expose a secret,say hi,brag about something you're proud of,give advice,

talk amongst your sweet, diverse, accepting non-judgmental selves. This comment section is yours to do whatever you want with. At your own pace. In your own format. So go for it, as you do like no others.