Be Weird (Or Weirdly Normal) in This Random And Open-Ended Open Thread

What's the strangest or dullest thing that happened to you this week?
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April 3, 2015
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A few things that happened to me this week:

ONE THING) I have been smelling baby diapers (used pee ones, like they have been in a diaper genie type device, but only for a day or so) EVERYWHERE for the last few days.

A cab driver overheard me saying this on the phone and started looking for what I presume was another pine-scented air freshener from his glove compartment. I tried to explain that there wasn't anything wrong with his taxi, that it was just my nose and my oddly functioning senses, oh well, ignore me, carry on with your excellent driving in your excellently scented taxi, I will just get out here, blah.

Whatever is causing it (it's not like that semen smell in the air when that tree blossoms, cause I smell it randomly while indoors too), this is a very pleasant smell to me. I used to indulge in long deep whiffs of Charlotte's pee diapers when she was a baby, yes. So sweet and warm, that smell. I don't know what to make of this phenomenon of smelling it sporadically throughout my days, though. Charlotte thinks it means I am going to have another baby. THOUGHTS??

ANOTHER THING) Semi-related, a new gyno gave me a pack of low-dose estrogen patches (.025 mg) and I cannot for the life of me decide whether to use them or not. I've always had low estrogen and, therefore, osteoporosis/osteopenia (isn't penia a bad word ending and does it make you think of one member of an army of tiny penises?).

So these patches are supposed to help with my bone density. I tried the .1 mg patches for a few weeks once and did not like the side effects of headaches and nausea and feeling kind of numbed. And I am generally scared of meds, but I know that the calm I feel when I have the perfect balance of hormones in my body is THE BEST. Have you ever tried hormone therapy? If you have, I'd love to pick your brain on the pro-est pros and the con-est cons. If you have no idea about this, take your disinterest down to the comments and tell me something about yourself.

THIRD THING) I had what I call (to myself -- no one else cares) a Big Work Meeting this week and I can't stop critiquing myself about it. I had the kind of sleep deprivation that day that makes it hard to sustain a smile or a train of thought, the kind that coffee doesn't help. So I feel I wasn't my most effervescent and sharpest. And I wonder when a lot of us are going to stop being harder on ourselves than we would ever be on anyone else (if you can relate to this).

That's why the poster at Whole Foods that says: Treat Your Body Like It Belongs To Someone You Love and my therapist telling me "There is never any excuse to be mean to yourself" SPEAK to me (but don't get through).

FOURTH THING) I shared my favorite magnesium supplements with Amber as a preventative measure for what she calls "ice pick headaches" she has been getting and they seem to be helping to stave them off.

FIFTH THING) My hair suddenly got really thick, which made me think of writing up a little piece for you about what inadvertently led to that. (In case I don't write it, number one tip is daily Folic Acid supplements.)

SIXTH THING) While writing this, I'm snacking on Easter-Egg-looking malted milk balls from a cute little milk-carton looking thing and they are pink and yellow and light blue with speckles and therefore taste so much better than regular Whoppers. I love Easter right now.

Did any of that drivel make you feel confident about sharing any little inane thing that happened to you? Good, then I will pretend that's why I wrote it that way! Now tell me - and each other - about any random sighting, encounter, event, or don't and just do what you do in the comments section. And, as always, I have a few random questions for you to get your brain wheels spinning:

Do you expect to regularly watch the Daily Show once Jon Stewart signs off?

Were you a victim - or a perpetrator or accomplice - of an April Fool's Day joke?

Do you trust Uber drivers? (In my ongoing battles with them, by the way, one put my backpack and phone on the sidewalk this week while I was at my first stop and drove off, leaving them there. What went so wrong, dude?)

Is it too soon for a Boston Marathon bombing movie?

Have you bought distressed jeans or any other new clothing with holes in it?

What Disney cartoon would you love to see get the live action treatment?

Have you been as obsessed with the coverage of Indiana florists as I've been?

Now do what you do better than anyone I've ever seen in my life and comment the way only you can. Whenever and as often as you want. This place is all yours.