Raise Your Voice In This All for You, All the Feels, Open Thread

There's been a lot of terror this week. Let's make sense of it together.
Publish date:
May 1, 2015
open thread, Jane, friday, Baltimore, Nepal

Between Baltimore and Nepal (and millions of other lesser-sung ailing and concerning places), it's hard to start this week's Friday Open Thread with a funny office story or an account of the general strangeness that is my life rather than acknowledging how much the world is hurting. So, we can talk about that.

Now if you're trying to take a break from real life, I fully respect that and welcome you to write about silly things, trivial pursuits, superficial wants, inane happenings or just say, "hi, I'm here and I'm bored/lonely/new here, so hi." And to promote the say-anything-at-all feel of this weekly open space, I've got a few silly questions for you below, as well.

Have you been horrified by any of your Facebook friends responses to world events this week?

What's the typical manner in which you personally tend to destroy your cell-phones?

Have you donated money to Nepal's disaster relief?

What do you think of medication they give to people AND pets?

Do you want to go to Comic Con?

What's your least favorite thing to do on the weekend?

Do you celebrate Beltane?

What are you getting me for Mother's Day?

If you haven't donated yet, donate. If you haven't vented yet, vent. This thread is all for you and we are all here for each other. Let's spread the love, because you never know.