This Is YOUR Radical Open Thread, So Say Whatever You Want Here

Are you wearing underwear? If so, what kind?
Publish date:
March 18, 2016
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Welcome to the most radical Open Thread of all time — where speaking in outrageous hyperbole is encouraged and no big, little, incredible or awful deeply emotional or extremely pedestrian thing you want to express is off limits. Write anything you want. Any question or statement or nonsensical grouping of letters and numbers that comes from dozing off on your keyboard. Whatever. I'll start:

I've been searching "night eating syndrome" this week to see if I can figure out why I wake up roughly once an hour, sometimes until 4 AM, to eat. Someone online said a magnesium deficiency can cause this, but wondering if any of you have dealt with it and what helped you?

Yesterday, I was sitting with Dan and got a call from reception that flowers had just been delivered for me. I squealed, "maybe they're from my new boss!" And then realized that, among many other things, might qualify me to be the least romantic person ever. (I'm not sure if I can tell you who my new boss is, but I adore him and will tell you when he says I can. Can I, boss? Also, the flowers were not from a lover — I hate, hate, hate that word — or from my boss. They were from the least romantic source: the flower shop.)

I have a new editor starting on Monday, which of course I will tell you all about. I also had a realization in the shower this morning: I’m not as interested in surrounding myself with dramatic characters as I used to be, but I am scared about what that could mean for the xoJane brand.

I am writing this while online at the impound lot (is that what it's called?) because my car got towed for the SECOND TIME IN TWO DAYS! WTF? I am wondering what bigger life lesson there could be in this. Any interpretations more than welcome, please. (Meanwhile, I want to know from Dan why there was no image of a car anywhere in my Emoji horoscopes last week.)

I hoard the brown packages of Advil Migraine when I find them now because it’s apparently just the same ingredients as regular Advil but in a faster-acting more-quickly-absorbed formula. Why would anyone use the slower release little green liqui-gels when there is this new brown fellow on the market? Who wouldn't want their headache to go away as fast as possible? That's my little PSA for you today, fellow NSAID-lovers!

Now for some random questions before I send you into the comments.

Do you chew the insides of your cheeks?

What was the last thing you wrote on a piece of paper?

Can you sew?

But do write something below. Anything at all. Talk to me and to each other or talk to yourself. Give each other advice, ask for help, be nice or mean, do your thing, do whatever. It's free, and it's excellent excellent karma.