How To Be Calm, Happy, Healthy and Keep Yucky People Away

Let me wax poetic about my Q-link. It's kinda like Xanax.
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May 3, 2012
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It is easy to make me sound hippie-dippy. Because I am! My first home was Bolinas, CA, my parents both painters who had really good parties and I went to a school -- way more hippie-ish then than it looks now on its site -- where I got to take classes in The Poetry Of Bob Dylan and Kite-Making and was disdained for making their first yearbook as they were not into such traditions. PLUS: THIS NEW-AGEY STUFF WORKS. For me, anyway.I don't wear jewelry hardly ever. If someone I love gives me a ring, I will wear that off and on. My daughter wishes I would wear earrings but I haven't since long long before she was born. No necklaces. Bracelets generally only of the leather or thready hippie variety. I like a clean simple look (and, more important, life).Here is the one thing I wear all the time, except when I am in the shower (which, you know, is not that frequent): My Q-link.When this one arrived in the mail (after my last one went through the wash and I wasn't sure if its powers had been destroyed and was being cost-conscious about buying a new one so wore the warped, mangled old one for a couple of months until I was sure that, no, it wasn't working), it had a pamphlet with it that said something like: helps deflect bad vibes (they didn't say bad vibes -- I am paraphrasing) from computers, traffic, microwaves, air travel, toxic people. I thought: that's exactly what I need! Except that I stop myself from using the words "need" and "should," so I switched it to: "That's exactly what I want!" I also want to get some of the toxic people they are referring to out of my life, which I am simultaneously SLOWLY working on also. What's in it? I, of course, hadn't checked that out. I had trusted the doctor who suggested it to me, because I trust her. I also was introduced to the zapper through her and other amazing treatments and products and devices. Unlike Bryan, who reads up on stuff and actually reads DIRECTIONS, I trust when I trust and go by what I feel and that works for me (except for that incident when I used the hair cream on my face, but who really cares?), so. I can also hold a supplement in my hand and tell if it is what my body needs or not. Can you? There's a name for that. Anyway.To return: What's in this thing? Okay, I am looking that up now (about 15 years since I started wearing one) for you. It says there's a copper induction coil, a resonating wafer, and a case -- the claim is that this lets off "subtle energy frequency" that enhances our energy systems and protect us from EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies). These fields are all around us every day, and while many people are on the fence about whether or not these fields harm you, my thing is: I feel a whole lot better when I'm wearing this little necklace. A famous person, who has a lot of people coming up to him frequently that he doesn't know, said he learned that rather than crossing your arms over your chest when someone is confronting you or otherwise causing you to feel vulnerable, you can put your right hand over your heart and that that works to make you feel more protected. It reminds me of what I do with my Q-link when I am in particularly toxic (overused word, so maybe let's say unhealthy) environments or with particularly unhealthy people: I take my right hand and press the Q-link over my heart and feel calmer and protected and unto myself.No one else is allowed to touch it or it won't work with your body the same way anymore. I used to let my daughter touch mine when she was a baby, but even that's not cool and un-did its wonderful powers. So now I stick by the Q-link rules.You might think this is hocus-pocus, a scam, placebo or that I am easily duped and taken for my wads of disposable cash (not true, i.e., it's all relative). One of the websites that talks about Q-links ends with this:See alsomagical thinking, placebo effect, placebo jewelry, post hoc fallacy, regressive fallacy, and testimonials.My last one cost me $35. This upgraded one (I admit to not knowing exactly what the upgrade was -- I trusted the friend who recommended it) was $99 on Amazon. I didn't spring for the silver or gold ones, though I have since learned why silver is healthy to have around your neck also.

I don't like the way it looks. I don't care. It is usually under my clothes and I like the mysterious black rope sticking out of the neck of whatever I'm wearing.And if you think this is all cuckoo, I don't mind, tell me so below, and wait until you hear all about my magnet mattress pad and Scientology sauna! Do you believe in this stuff or not? If you do, what works for you? (Aren't crystals AMAZING???)