Share Your Sunniest Something Good In This Positively Radiant, Relentlessly Optimistic Open Thread

What did you want to be when you grew up?
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November 13, 2015
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So I whined and whinged to you last week about the state of my job and now I am back to say that: It's a new day! There's a song that Mary Margaret O'Hara sings called Anew Day and when something fundamental changes in life, I always hear it in my head. So with that pleasantly on repeat loop in my head as I write this, I will tell you that work is starting to get fun again. Hallelujah.

Loving my work is a big deal for me. I have never wanted to get married (being a single mom of a girl was my lifelong dream), never wanted a lot of the material things other people around me seemed to aspire to have, and I believe we get what we really want in life. Part of what I always really wanted was to produce creative collaborative work that could affect people's lives for the better.

Actually, when I was 13, my mom gave me an astrological reading for my birthday and the astrologer said that my eventual career would involve helping people. I remember picturing being a social worker sitting behind a desk counseling someone and thinking that this reading was completely wrong. But a couple of years later when I had this idea for starting what became Sassy magazine, I realized it was true, just in a different format, and that I am a social worker, at my best moments.

What was getting me down so much last week when I wrote to you was feeling like an office drone, feeling like I had no time to do the parts of my work that make a difference for anybody. Between the time I ascended the nicely-business-attired grey escalator every morning, lined up for coffee, and then hours later, re-lined up for salads, I felt surrounded by the goal of accumulating things.

Now, finally (and, honestly, it hasn't taken that long -- I'm impatient, it was one short woe-is-me week, dudes), I'm getting back to the meaningful stuff: brainstorming, thinking big picture, and working with folks that I love to make xoJane make a difference in the world and in the way you feel about yourselves. Ahhhhh!

Now that I've very-likely bored you with this ramblingness, you can take off and go directly to the comments or you can answer one or all of these slightly timely, mostly random questions:

How do you feel about earmuffs (asking for a dear near-naked-headed friend)?

Are you traveling for Thanksgiving?

What's one celebrity group photo (living or dead) that you'd love to see?

Kiss, kill or marry: Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Marco Rubio.

Do you take a calcium supplement?

Are we running way too many Open Threads these days?

Have you tried a Hoverboard? If so, were you more or less awkward on it at first than I was?

Say absolutely anything you want to here and you will see, if you are new, that others absolutely do the same. Don't feel hampered by any usual conventions about what a comment "should" be, and I won't either. It actually feels really funny to be telling you at all what to do here, because you do this Open Thread thing better than anyone I've ever known. So thank you and go to it!