Say Anything and Everything in This Weekly Open Thread of Yours

Also: Where do you feel most at peace (online or IRL)? Tell or show each other, if you like.
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June 10, 2016
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Tear into this Open Thread the way I’ve been tearing into raw fennel lately (whenever I have a craving, I try to figure out what it is in the food that my body needs, just out of curiosity. I've learned that when you crave artichokes, you've likely been drinking too much alcohol or doing something else that compromises your liver, and that chocolate cravings mean your body could use more magnesium. I never got to the bottom of my brussels sprouts cravings a few months ago, but I hear that fennel equals estrogen, so you're welcome, hormone levels). Or, if being ravenous is not your thing, tread lightly through one or more of these random questions which are here for no other reason than to open this thread up even more and make you feel at home (where truly nothing you can say is ever the wrong thing to say):

What's one overrated thing you wish would go away?

Have you ever had a fingernail (or toenail) fall off?

Jane Austen or George Eliot?

Are you wearing socks or underwear right now or neither?

Do you ever eat fruit skins or pits that you’re not "supposed to"?

How are you feeling about our first female presidential nominee?

Can you fit your fist in your mouth?

Can you bite your own toenails (if you wanted to)?

What's a "flaw" of yours that you love?

Do you have an elephant in your room right now too? If so, what is it and why can't you address it and when do you think you will be able to? (I think I can address mine next week, it looks like.)

I don’t want to spend too long keeping you from sharing your weekly updates, your requests for help, your wisdom, your random thoughts, your kind and well-thought-through advice, your pictures, latest milestones, big successes, or mini-triumphs with each other, but I do want you to know that no matter you do or what you think you’ve done, you deserve every little thing that makes you feel good. Whether that’s putting eight tea bags in your morning cup of tea or spending time with the people who energize you, or saying to yourself or no one in particular, “this isn’t working.”

Now, I’m passing this Thread into your hands. Tell each other everything you've been wanting to say or trying not to say all week or struggling under the weight of. Vent about relationships you have at work or with friends or family or relationships you once had (or wish you had) in any of those three categories. Talk about what's broken in your house or life that you wish was fixed. Talk about something you've fixed recently that you're happy with or unhappy with. Tell each other about anything or nothing and know that whatever you say, however many comments you leave, it is the exact right thing to say and the exact right time and way to say it. This is your open thread and no matter what changes, it always will be.