Say Something You Would Never Want In Print In This Personal Use Only Open Thread

Talk amongst yourselves -- I promise not to give anyone advice!
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June 26, 2015
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I am driving from Keswick Virginia back to New York as I dictate this open thread into the little microphone icon on my phone. So don't hold me accountable for anything that I've said here but wouldn't ever want in print for all eternity.

I spent this week of momentous Supreme Court decisions(!!!!!!!) driving to Takoma Park, MD and then to little Keswick, Virginia for big old family reunions. My grandparents have had a farm here since before I was born (which makes it sound like we were rich -- it was actually a hippie working live-off-the-land situation).

I won't bore you guys with sun-drenched, barefoot itty bitty Jane pulling weeds and fighting off aggressive cows memories because I'm sure you've got more interesting things to talk about! Like one of these random questions! Or anything else!

Did you have a place you went a lot during your summers as a kid?

Are you rejoicing (or not) about the progress toward the removal of that Confederate flag from state buildings?

Is there a lot of gentrification where you live (Amber just shared this story with me)?

How do you get work done on vacation?

Are you excited about xoJane opening up the Worst Roommate Ever column? Do you have anything to submit to that?

Would you rather be covered in mosquito bites or poison ivy?

What's the strangest thing you've ever filed as a "work expense?"

Have you done something recently that you're really, really proud of?

Are you celebrating pride as an LGBTQ community member or ally this month?


In order not to get pulled over like I did on my way down south (it was for speeding, not dictating-while-driving), I'm going to wrap this up. Have a wonderful weekend, y'all.