You Can Say Anything You Want in This Overshares-Encouraged Open Thread

Do you have a UTI?
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July 29, 2016
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Some of my favorite comments from you in this weekly column are the ones that are so random and specific that where else would you be able to announce them other than here, to each other? Like the comment from last week, I think it was, by a genius writer (hi, @schmigglesthecat) who wanted to let you all know that she had left some blueberries on her desk at work. This is not genius and specific along those lines, but here’s what’s going on with me:

I haven’t had a UTI in many, many years (lucky me), but I need your advice on getting rid of one (without medication, please) that I have currently self-diagnosed myself as having. Also, I heard a girl talking on the phone about having a UTI today, and now I’m wondering how many of you have them and whether this is a universe thing?

Along with curing mine, tell me below in the comments whether or not you have a UTI, if you want to, and we can compare it to the statistic about how prevalent they generally are that I found on Google today while looking for cures (none trustworthy, which is why I am asking you). And we certainly are a statistically significant sample to make these UTI Epidemic survey findings legitimate. So if you have nothing better to do or say below, just try: I have a UTI. Or: I don't have a UTI. Or don't. (And what, exactly, would a universal UTI epidemic be indicative and reflective of symbolically, if you want to go there with me?)

Some other things you can answer for me, if you want to:

If there could've been only one speaker other than the nominees at the DNC, who would you have wanted it to be?

Have you see the footage/images from the Don Dale prison? I can’t stop thinking about them.

Do you self-medicate? With a substance or an activity or both?

What is your least favorite bodily fluid?

What’s one issue or news item or piece of gossip from your area of the world that you think deserves national or international attention (or at least the attention of the people here on Open Thread)?

And now, welcome back or welcome for the very first time to the place where you can say anything at all. You don't have to be coherent, you don't have to have any answers, and you don't have to explain yourself.

Share your weird food cravings, fever dreams, TV reviews, fights you're having, or fights you wish you were having. Vent about the most stressful thing that happened to you this week, this lunar cycle, or this summer. Brag about how long it’s been since you lost your wallet, tell us your current cell phone battery percentage, or talk about how none of those things matter in life, not really, and then brag to us about the things that do.

Comment on whatever's been stuck in your head lately — song lyrics, speeches, things you wish you hadn't said, or seven-second video loops.

Whatever you're thinking, reading, or dealing with is gold here, unless you prefer some other precious metal, and then your comments are made exactly of that substance. Be brutally honest or incredibly selfish or just be here because you make Open Thread better by doing that.

P.S. And if there is anything that happened on xoJane this week that you want to ask me about, I will answer to the best of my corporate abilities.

P.P.S. How pleased are you that I didn't mention my teeth once in this Open Thread? (Possible answers: a.) extremely b.) very.)