Talk About Everything Except Anything You Don't Want to Talk About in YOUR Open Thread

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November 11, 2016
open thread

Preamble: These are going to be disjointed statements and stories — just whatever bubbles up to my surface. And I want to know what's bubbling up to your surfaces, too. (Even literally, if you feel like sharing that.) Keep coming back and leaving random, even conflicting, comments reporting on the feelings and facts of your weekend as they unfold. Weird thoughts that come out of nowhere at odd times are as welcome as linear conversations between you all during this weird weird time.

I am pretty burned out by the events of this week, as I'm sure everyone is. I woke up on Thursday morning, having fallen asleep reading inspirational quotes from Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem, Bobcat Goldthwait, etc, and having had a dream where it felt like the '60s (or at least my view of the '60s via my parents and movies, because I wasn't really around to experience them). I dictated this into my phone to remember the feeling of the dream: We all felt banded together against a common sad, lonely, negative force/enemy to make the world the place that we know that it can be. This can be one of those times where artists do their best work. This can be a time of real change. There is a lot of work to do, but this is exciting.

Did you have any dreams this week that stuck with you? What do you think they meant? Do you write your dreams down?

Today is my birthday, and this is the first time in the history of Open Thread that my birthday has fallen on a Friday (aka Open Thread Day), so I thoroughly expect every single one of our 7 million readers to say happy birthday to me. Loudly. At least once. Here in the comments. You can say it with flowers, you can say it with GIFs, you can emoji the hell out of it, you can say it 54 times because if I live to be as old as my grandma, that's how many years I have left on this planet. You can even say it snarkily or with a pun if you like, and you know what a huuuuuuge concession that is for me.

I just realized during a story idea meeting yesterday that my new apartment is the first one I've lived in that was actually built with the intention of being an apartment. I've lived in lofts, converted factories, an old egg warehouse, a log cabin, a barn, but never something that originated as a multiple-unit-human-dwelling residence. Having everything where it makes sense to be makes me feel like I'm in an assisted living home or something. But it's nice and easy and I will take it!

Yesterday was our first staff meeting with the now full-time (!!!!) crazy, hilarious, opinionated Sable and it went on for over two hours wherein the two of us, along with Marci, Dan and a jet-lagged-but-still-pet-worthy Caitlin boisterously laughed and got about .031 percent of our work done. It was perfect.

Although I'm sure many of you want to comment on election stuff — and by all means, you are 100% welcome to — you may also want to talk about not election stuff. Write about things that are going on in your lives, even if it may seem invalid to talk about those things while our world seems to be going to shit.

Self-care is obviously really important right now, so tell us about your relationships, your pets, your baths, your most-loved meals, your whatever, whether those things relate to the events of the week or whether they have nothing at all to do with them. (My mom's birthday text to me today was a wish that I can go the whole day without thinking about you-know-who. So sweet.)

If you're having trouble thinking, like me, maybe some of these questions can help. Answer any or all or none of them below:

Who has your favorite singing voice?

Do you ever put juice in your beer?

Wool sweaters: the most comfy, or the most itchy?

What percentage of your wardrobe would you estimate is black?

How often do you gargle?

Do you think that all the people who voted for Trump is an indication that a lot of people in this country need a lot more love?

Do you have boring or non-boring meetings where you work? How big is your staff?

Anything you want to say here is highly encouraged. Perfectly composed or just stream-of-consciousness word vomit. Talk about what's been most inspiring to you — quotes or images or whatever — during this time. There's no limit to how much, how many times or when you can say whatever the hell you say — your presence here is welcome forever.