Say Something Stupid In This Open Thread

Or something inappropriate. Or something boring or trivial. Or something you've never told anyone before. No matter what, ye will not be judged! PLUS: Bonus video!
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November 21, 2014
open thread

I was just telling Lesley that my own writing is putting me to sleep right now. Composing something myself or doing the NYT crossword puzzle are my two most fail-safe sleep-inducers. Quicker than Ambien, which I stopped taking when I realized it was Ambien and not hormones that made me constantly lose my train of thought.

Now, the important part of that last paragraph (maybe the least enticing lede paragraph of my whole career! A career in which we spell lead that dumb way for some reason!!) was just this: I told that to Lesley IN PERSON, BECAUSE SHE IS SITTING HERE RIGHT OUTSIDE OF MY OFFICE, IN NY, WITH US XOJANERS, WHERE SHE BELONGS (except when she belongs in Boston, which is most of the time and which I accept). Her Majesty Queen Lesley is such a bright shining light that everybody smiles and laughs and has an all around better huggier time when she is here. Emily calls her a "nuclear reactor of joy."

That also means we had an additional excuse for a staff lunch, outside of the office, which is a rarity for us workaholics. We were celebrating Lesley being here, celebrating my birthday belatedly and officially welcoming our new Social Media Manager, so three fairly valid excuses.

Social girl, whom a lot of you met here in the Open Thread comments last week, is Amber and she is wonderful. She writes poetry and loves photography and is awfully funny on Twitter. She'd better come along with us wherever we end up after THE BIG FIRE SALE!

Speaking of all that, my lovely friend Michael (who wants to drop his last name for me below?) finally pried me away from my laptop where I have been dealing with The Sale and took me out for a birthday brunch this Sunday. I ate caviar for maybe the third time in my life and Charlotte fell asleep on the banquette.

Agh, I just knocked over my tea on my desk -- be right back.

Ok. I have noticed lots of people spilling things this week. Often that can be a hormonal pre-period thing (for me, at least), but I have seen both men and women doing it, so I don't think so. What is it? And what have you dropped or spilled lately, if anything? I'm trying to establish a trend here, so help me out.

One last thing about my week before we get on to you and yours: I saw a documentary (I love those things) about crystal meth where they were withholding it from a methhead mouse and seeing how the mouse behaved and I was sitting there watching and begging them to just give the damn mouse his fix already! Is that codependent or would you also feel that way? Now on to other questions you can answer this week if you feel like it in addition to or instead of telling all of us what's going on with you:

  • Do you listen to music before you go to sleep?
  • Would you give the mouse its meth if you could?
  • What is your favorite song from the past year?
  • Who is your go-to person when you need career advice?
  • If you could read one person's mind for an entire day, whose would it be?
  • Do you like T-shirts with words on them?
  • Scotch Tape or Gluesticks?

And if you don't answer those, that is just perfect because I want you to talk about whatever you want to talk about in this judgment-free zone that is your weekend open thread. Big xo

PS I almost forgot to tell you: We were on "Jeopardy" last night! (The first time for xoJane! I think I've been mentioned about four times on the show, cause I'm Old and I've Been Around). Charlotte told me about it and then videotaped my reaction here. Which is basically: Woohoo! And: It never gets old! Now on to YOU.