Jump Into This Open Thread Like It Is A Pile Of Newly Raked Leaves

Also: Wanna come visit me?
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October 24, 2014
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My main news since we were gathered here last weekend is that despite your wise advice that I not move, I MOVED, and it's been weird and glorious.

I don't have anything electronic hooked up yet (though of course I use my phone as a hotspot to get online on my laptop, because how else would I talk to you all the friggin' time?). Which means that Charlotte and I have been doing things like setting the table and sitting down to talk over a quiet, appropriately timed dinner. As I said, it's WEIRD.

The glorious part is how much I love the place and how we get to appreciate every little outlet. ("Hey Charlotte look! We have a little divider in the drawer for the cheese knives!! Do we own cheese knives?"). So, what else? You can always talk about the following:

  • Do you bring your lunch to work?
  • What song makes you sad about your childhood?
  • When are you going to start Christmas shopping?
  • Have you ever been fooled by The Onion?
  • What was the last magazine article you read in print?
  • Want to come over?

Seriously, I can't wait to have people over. This weekend, some of the xoJane crew and their families will be stopping by. If you happen to be in downtown Manhattan this Saturday around 3:00 with no plans and would like to join us, let me know. Email Olivia@xoJane.com and she can give you the details! (I'm putting Olivia in charge because I will be busy pouring Doritos into bowls and not finding cheese knives.)

Whatever do you want to talk about? Go for it! Be specific, be vague...there is nothing you can say here that doesn't fit.