It's Finally The Weekend, So Here's Your Super-Cute Open Thread

Come join the internet's BEST conversation (in my opinion).
Publish date:
August 9, 2013
open thread

I missed you last week, so I really appreciate you being so vocal this week! Let's use this space to talk about anything and everything you want to talk about. Feel free to continue conversations about this website that started in other places or talk about whatever is going on in your lives. Some thoughts: the wicked hangover you hope to possess tomorrow morning (after of course, having a lot of fun tonight) or the good news you got this week or the present you're thinking of giving someone and whether it's a good idea or the text you're thinking of sending and whether THAT'S a good idea.

Whatever you want, this space is yours. Whatever it is, it belongs here. I sure do love you. (I also love when the comments count on these threads goes into the quadruple digits, you effusive and prolific folks, so let's do that again -- if you like!)