You Can Say The Worst (Or Best) Thing About Yourself In This Open Thread And The Non-Judgmental Love Will Just Flow Your Way

In exchange: I will now reveal my most controversial Instagram followee.
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October 17, 2014
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As some of you know, I recently got Instagram. (Well, I got it a couple of years ago, but Charlotte used my password and took it over and turned it into a Dance Moms fan account, which then got hacked and was shut down. ANYWAY...) I'm still figuring out the whole thing, but I would be ever so grateful if you would follow me there, despite the fact that I still think followers sounds cult-like. And follow Charlotte too, of course, to fuel our no-doubt unhealthy competition over who can get MORE.

Speaking of more: more important than all that, what do YOU want to talk about this week? In this space where you can say whatever the hell you want and be applauded, revered, praised, hugged, showered with dollar bills, orgasmed and LOVED for it?

Well, talk freely about anything at all, big or small, below and get ready for the non-judgmental love to flow your way. And if you are drawing a blank, feel free to answer these questions while something comes to you:

  • Who do you follow on Instagram?
  • Sunglasses or Baseball Cap? Or both?
  • Did you have to deal with any hierarchical BS this week?
  • Did you have to deal with The Patriarchy?
  • Did you go to your prom?
  • Do you feel inspirational quotes on the Internet are usually inspiring or usually cheesy?

PS So far I only follow 11 people on Instagram, 10 of them being xoJane and xoVain staffers and the 11th being Miley Cyrus. Can you go here and make some recommendations as to who else I should follow?