A Relaxing, Non-Judgey Weekend Open Thread Just For You Beautiful People

My dogs will NOT give away of any of your secrets. And neither will I. So tell us!
Publish date:
November 8, 2013
open thread

Hello cute-darlings, and welcome, welcome, welcome to this weekend's Open Thread. As always and forever, this is a space where you can feel free to talk about whatever's on your mind in the comments section.

To kick things off, perhaps you want to tell me about the new pair of shoes you've been wearing all week? Or the new medication you're taking? Maybe you are looking for a new job? Who judged you this week? Let's talk non-judgmentally about them.

I'm so grateful for your frankness and willingness to tell this community your secrets -- thank you always for that. And for any little or big thing you leave here in the comments. Please have your most gorgeous weekend ever!