Pretend This Open Thread Is a Roller Coaster and Just Uninhibitedly Scream Your Head Off

Do you love roller coasters too?
Publish date:
August 26, 2016
open thread, road trips, disney world

By the time this Open Thread goes up, I'll be driving with Charlotte (13!) and her friend Lena (14) on our way down to Disney World. Either that or we're at Newark Airport waiting for the rental car (one that is not the rental car that constantly got towed, which you told me was not cute at my age, and I got your point).

Where should we stop on the way? Also: I can't respond right now since I'm driving, so say any mean things you want to say about me in the comments. Or if you're feeling really mean, say something so horrible that I just have to respond and consequently drive off the road and into a tree. Kind comments are, of course, welcome too — and not just ones about me. Say something flattering about anyone you know if something comes to mind.

As per usual, here are some questions to help get the ball rolling on your Open Thread:

  • Do you say "as usual" or "as per usual"?
  • Anyone on the Eastern seaboard want to get lunch this weekend?
  • What did you watch the last time you signed into someone else's HBO Go account? (And whose account was it?)
  • What percentage of your furniture is from IKEA?
  • If you had the choice between never having B.O. again and never sweating again, which would you pick?

This is your big open comment section to say whatever you want to say to me, staff, or someone who won't even read this. Even if you're going through changes in your life, one thing is for sure forever: No matter what’s on your mind, you can say it right here. Talk as much or as little as you like to each other on however many tangents you want to go on. There really are no limits to what you can say or how many GIFs you can post. But the best thing about Open Thread is the way you guys enjoy and passionately disagree and support each other all throughout the weekend.