Without A Doubt The Most Delectable Open Thread The Internet Has Ever Known

Nothing's too gross, too offensive, or too cute for this thread. Right?
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December 6, 2013
open thread, weekend open thread

Hi, chums! Does anyone say "chums" anymore? How were your weeks? I'm dying to hear about every little weird thing that happened.

Was there a compliment from your new "friend" that you're not sure was backhanded or not? We can help you figure it out. Are you switching perfumes now that it's almost officially winter? Are you starting to keep a budgeting spreadsheet and having a really hard time of it? Maybe you're reading an amazing book and you love it so much you're sneaking it into the bathroom stall with you at work? It happens.

And what did you buy this week? New boots? What are you planning on wearing to holiday parties (if you're planning to attend those things)? I don't really care if you talk about any of these things -- I just love to hear from you and I know others here do, too. So tell us about any little or big, old or new thing!

Thanks for being yourselves!