Say Anything in This Week's Open Thread Even Though I'm 13 and Probably Shouldn't Read Some of Your Comments

Mom let my friend Lena and me write the Open Thread so we could tell you how she almost ruined our trip to Disney.
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September 2, 2016
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Hi, we're Charlotte (Jane's daughter, in case you didn't know) and Lena, and we are taking over the Open Thread this week!

This week we planned a trip to Walt Disney World. We drove down from New York (actually, from the airport in Newark, because that made the rental car $350 cheaper) and flew back, all in one week.

We started off by picking out a car to drive, which was a big white SUV. The drive was crazy and unforgettable. First we drove to my grandma's house. That part of the road trip was the only calm part.

The next day we woke up and drove all the way down to South Carolina. On the way, we stopped at South of the Border.

The next morning, when we were reversing out of our parking spot, we noticed the reverse camera was pointed up in the air, but we disregarded it. We continued to drive onto the highway, but suddenly felt a breeze and became very cold. When we turned around, we saw Jane's suitcase in the middle of the road and realized the trunk of the car had been open. A few minutes later, the car began slowing down and Jane realized she forgot to put gas in the car, so we had to pull over onto the side of the highway and call 911. Then a state trooper saw us, pulled over, and drove us to a gas station. We left our car and all our bags.

The state trooper who drove us in the back of his car to the gas station didn't seem to like us a whole lot. He kept talking about us ("two juveniles") over his radio and saying "whiskey tango foxtrot," so Jane told us afterward what she thinks that stands for.

We had to convince a woman working in a bakery in town to lend us two empty corn syrup jugs to fill with gas and a mechanic next door to lend us a funnel. We got two gallons of gas hoping it was enough gas to last us until the next gas station. An employee at the gas station drove us to our car and helped us fill the car with gas. The gas station guy and my mom/Jane talked the whole way about Trump vs Clinton, and the guy told her it wouldn't be a good idea for her to talk about how she feels about Trump anymore while "down here."

We made it to the next gas station, got food, and continued driving to Disney! That night, we arrived in Orlando.

The first day we went on 15 rides. We got rained out from the water park in the middle of the day. While we were at the water park, we saw a woman in a burkini.

The next day, we woke up and went straight to the Magic Kingdom. Jane was stopped and "randomly selected" to go through the metal detector. Meanwhile, everyone else was happily walking into the park. We didn't know why she got randomly selected — we think it might be the way she walks. While we were there, we came up with a saying — "That's not very magical" — because Disney is all about magic. It started raining once again so we went back to the hotel. (That's not very magical.)

Later, we went back to Magic Kingdom. Jane got randomly selected again! She was asking why, but they didn't have an explanation.

We were on the ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train when the fireworks started going off! It was so cool! After Magic Kingdom closed, we went to Epcot for "after hours." There were no lines and it was super-cool, but sadly we couldn't go on Test Track because it started raining again. We went on Soarin' and a very boring ride called Living with the Land. We went on it twice. The first time though, Jane stole some basil from the plant section. The second time, a worker came with us to make sure we weren't doing anything bad. They were happily surprised that we wanted to go on twice, and guided us through a secret entrance, even though the after hours were over. We even made up a song for the ride.

We got back very late and had to get dinner out of the vending machine. Then we went to bed.

We woke up on our last day and went to Epcot. We had Fast Passes for three rides. Jane had to go back to the room, so it was just us. We went on three rides and then got stuck on the monorail trying to get back to the hotel. Then we headed off to the airport and boarded the plane.

Our trip was very exciting and crazy, and we hope you enjoyed us taking over the Open Thread this week!

Before we go, though, here are some questions Jane wanted us to ask you to help get the comments started:

  • What's your favorite ride at Disney World?
  • Have you ever run out of gas? How did you handle it?
  • What was your favorite song when you were in 8th grade?
  • If you wear glasses, why don't you wear contacts? If you wear contacts, why don't you wear glasses?
  • Does clear lip gloss count as makeup?

Jane also wants you to know that if you are new here, or even if you're not, you can say whatever you want, ask each other for advice, etc. And we really mean you can say whatever you want because we're not allowed to read the comments just in case someone says something really "adult," so don't worry about holding back what you feel like talking about.