You're Never Alone In This Open Thread

Welcome to the one party where no one will judge anything you say, no matter how silly, where every bit of news from your life is fascinating, where every other guest can't wait to help you with your issues or dilemmas. So comment! And if this was an in-person party, who would you invite?
Publish date:
September 5, 2014

I was at a party this week and found myself showing another guest the amazingness of the ability to see on my phone at any time the phrases people have typed into search engines (anonymously, of course) that have brought them here.

Sometimes they’re the kinds of phrases you’d expect would bring someone to xoJane, but then there are always those phrases that throw me a little. Here are the ones in that category that I'm looking at on my phone right now as I'm waiting for you to join me (and each other) in conversation below:

• feel the need to poop

• long nose narrow face

• my friend smells bad

• are salt pigs hygienic

• garlic for vaginal

• why shouldn’t i kill

• what is a caftan

I’d love to know how many of these phrases have led to someone becoming a regular reader. Did one of your more unusual searches lead you to us? You're welcome to discuss that here! I always want to know how it is that we met (ignore that cutesy furthering of this post's theme -- sorry about it -- but do tell me how you first got here if you even recall).

If you can't remember, you can offer your thoughts on the following:

  • Have you learned to cook anything recently?
  • How are you most like your childhood self?
  • Iron, steamer, or embrace wrinkled clothes?
  • What supposedly wise quote do you think is just plain wrong?
  • Have you ever shaved your head?

Anyway, I’m glad you’re here -- especially here in this open thread -- and more important, others here are glad, too, so introduce yourselves or say whatever you want to in this opener-than-open-minded space.