Say Something So Normal and Boring or So Rampantly Outrageous, You Can't Believe You Said It Here in This Limitless Open Thread

How close do you have to be with someone to tell them they have something in their nostril?
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September 30, 2016
Open Thread,

As in any business, most of the editors of what are considered the "women's magazines" know each other. Either we have worked together at some point or we've sat next to each other at fashion shows, intentionally rubbing forearms if one of us is pregnant and the other one wants to be (at Gucci with my old nemesis Bonnie Fuller — thanks for Charlotte, Bonnie!). Oh yeah — sometimes they help you when you've gotten a period stain on the front-row white upholstered seat at Armani (thanks, Glenda). Whatever.

And by the way, this is how old I am: When I first started interning, making copies, and being so excited to make copies that I literally wrote home about it, all of the editors-in-chief of the women's magazines were men. And most all of my ideas got nixed by them because they were "not what the audience wanted."

So I got a text from my old pal Cindi Leive one Sunday about a month ago asking if I could hop on the phone with her to talk about an idea. Though what we talked about that day was a little more radical (read: partisan) than what it became, it turned into an amazing group of more than 50 female women's-magazine editors launching the #OurVoteCounts voter registration initiative Caitlin told you about a few days ago, which I'm very very proud to be included in.

As a result, it looks like on October 6, Cindi, Michelle Lee from Allure, Emma Gray from Huffpo Women, and some others of us will be on a bus in Ohio encouraging women to register to vote. Did you know that only two-thirds of us even vote (and less than half of you in the under-25 bracket do?) I will give you specific details about where we will be when I have them, in case you want to join us to help. Would love love love that.

But enough about my October plans. Talk about your October plans. If that's what you want to talk about it. You can talk/write (I literally talk most of the time, because I like to use that little dictation microphone on my phone, but that's entirely up to your own preferences) about anything here since this Open Thread is all for you. If you're having any trouble coming up with something to talk about, feel free to just say hello, type your favorite word completely out of context, or answer these questions:

  • Are you good at finding constellations when you look at the stars? Which one jumps out at you first?
  • Why did you "hide" the last person you hid on Facebook? (Or mute the last person you muted on Twitter.)
  • How far into fall do you keep your AC running?
  • In an emergency, are you more likely to run towards it, run away from it, or take pictures?
  • Have you decided your Halloween costume already?
  • Do you have Monday off work?

Some other ideas for what to talk about: Tell us who you're arguing with or sleeping with. Give each other good or bad advice. Commiserate. Good news is as welcome as bad news. This open thread is all yours all weekend long (and beyond). Fill it up however you like.