It's Whatever Season You Want It To Be In This Open Thread

Are you glad it's fall? If not, come complain about it here! Or if you're not in a complaining mood, come tell us what's making you sooooo happy right now.
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September 26, 2014
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My friend and I made a vow last weekend at brunch that we would both meditate every morning this week, even if just for ten minutes when we first woke up.

Day one I figured he wasn't really going to do it either, so I didn't push myself to do more than a couple of minutes (while I was on the toilet after peeing -- does that even count? I don't know all the rules of meditation). Day two I completely forgot and did my usual Exact Opposite Of Meditation morning ritual of grabbing my phone first thing and checking texts and emails (while peeing -- speaking of which, how many times do you get up in the night to pee? I want to know if my one to four times/night range is excessive).

Then I remembered on my way into the office from dropping Charlotte at school and wrote him about how I had screwed up (but I didn't say screwed) again. Meanwhile, he writes back that it is helping the quality of his days immensely since he has been doing it. OK, I vow again to start tomorrow. I really will, and will tell you how it affects my stress levels and mood.

The only time I have ever meditated is during savasana at the end of a yoga class. Here is what I picture every time to instantly relax myself: I am in a hospital bed surrounded by all the people I love and who love me and I am ready/excited to die and, even though they don't all (at least in my fantasy) want me to die, I convince them that I am good to go and they seem OK with it. Then they give me Demerol through the IV and I relax and let go of all stresses and thoughts and drift into another sphere. It is LOVELY and RELAXING. Just like the boy in that book and movie about Heaven, I don't want to come back, but the little chime rings and it's the end of class. I don't meet any people there, though. That would not be as relaxing.

Why am I telling you all this? Because it's Open Thread time! When it's A-OK to tell each other any damn thing we want that is on our minds at the moment! Anything that happened or didn't happen to us this week!

I have more:

  • Cat Marnell (remember her?) and I are planning to have dinner this weekend.
  • Derek Jeter hit on my assistant, Jennifer (15 years ago).
  • I saw Josh Hartnett all sweaty after jogging one morning this week and followed him for half a block out of my way without even realizing I was doing it.
  • And I need your advice about whether to move into this apartment that I LOVE, but which costs twice as much as the relatively cheapo place I've been loving living in for the last four or five years. I have to move and love the potential new place, but spending that much may stress me out more than the glory of living in the beautiful place will de-stress me. (Unless, of course, I meditate, like, really a lot lot lot.) Any experience with this? What do you think?

OK. I went, so now it's your glorious turn. Maybe one of these topics resonates with you right now:

  • Did you walk in the People's Climate March last weekend? (Or would you have if you were in the area?)
  • Have you been on TV?
  • Do you ever punch inanimate objects when you're angry?
  • Have you gotten your teeth professionally whitened?
  • What's the most annoying commercial airing right now?

I'll be checking in over the weekend to see whatever it is you talk about -- it doesn't have to be any of those questions. I love your comments, whether about fixing your toilet or fixing my life, and I love the community you've developed here.