Enjoy! Anti-Judgment Day Is Here In This Truly Open Thread!

But I won't judge you if you've been a little judgmental this week. We are all doing our best!
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August 29, 2014
open threads

I spent last week with the most nonjudgmental easy-to-be-with friend. I'm heading into this long weekend a little freaked about some interactions I'm expecting to have that may not be so easy. Who are you seeing this long (if you celebrate Labor Day) end-of-summer (if you're in my hemisphere) weekend? Are you dreading and bracing or open and excited, or some of all of the above?

It has really been a wonderful week back in the office with my xoJane lovelies. Some big news includes Emily officially and legally adopting her son which made me jump up and down and cry simultaneously. Olivia live-tweeted the Emmys from our Twitter account on Monday, which was weird because it was a Monday and the Emmys are never on a Monday.

What have you talked about in your office this week? Do you talk a lot to the people you work with? We talk about everything and anything, including the topics below.

  • What's the habit you're most proud of breaking?
  • Do you buy insurance when you send a package?
  • Do you think the open-ended Gaza ceasefire will last?
  • What would you do if someone used a device that prevented your airplane seat from reclining?
  • Will you be paying attention to college football?

Do you want to talk about these too?

Anyway, feel free to talk about absolutely anything, as well as absolutely none of the things I just talked about. This space is your space -- you deserve it.

PS. What does that bumper sticker say about Judgment Day? That's what I was thinking of when I wrote this headline and it's the opposite of how I hope you feel when you're in this Open Thread zone below.