This Open Thread Is the Best

Because it is yours, and so simple. All you have to do is comment! Even -- and sometimes especially -- writing "hello" is incredibly appreciated here.
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December 5, 2014
open thread

I'm not feeling so sunny this Friday.

Those affected by Eric Garner's death (i.e. everyone) and the grand jury's horrible decision in the case may be in the same state.

Yesterday was Charlotte's 12th birthday, and as we chanted along with protesters in downtown Manhattan, I remembered marching alongside my mom (for ERA, against nuclear reactors, for abortion rights, for gay rights, what else?) and understanding for the first time that the little things (like late homework, a girl making fun of my pants) were insignificant in the face of these issues.

Charlotte and I said we would remember this week and talk about it when we are both older.

It has also been an insignificant but intense time here at xoJane. The staff -- and some awesome contributors who called in -- agreed in our staff meeting this week to adopt a "party attitude" about the upcoming changes, and that is going well. Pizza helps.

Here are a few unrelated questions that we can talk more about below, if you feel like answering any or all of them:

  • How are you?
  • Know any good Web series?
  • How do you take your coffee?
  • Do you still remember your childhood friend's phone number?
  • Do you know your current significant other's passwords?
  • What do you NOT want for Christmas?

Answer those, just say hi, ask for advice, tell me about your week, talk about peaceful protests, or do whatever you want below. Don't feel like you have to be all somber just because I started out that way. Silly rules.

PS: I'm not particularly proud of what I wrote here. Sometimes I am, but not this week. But maybe my uninspired writing will encourage you to just write down WHATEVER in the comments below and not overthink it. Because these Open Threads are a place where, I think, connecting with each other is more important than saying something important. So say anything at all. Starting now.