Say Whatever the Hell You Want in This Beyond-Universal Open Thread, You Heavenly Creatures

What size fish are you frying right at this moment?
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December 16, 2016
open thread

I've been in meetings all day and have a lot of big and little things that I want to ask you and tell you and hear about from you. Yet this post is supposed to go live in a couple of minutes, so let's do what we love to do here (comment, comment, talk, rant, confess, admit, help, comment again), and I will share whatever I have to share there in the comments along with you. In real time, as they say. How authentic! How transparent! How breaking-down-the-fourth-wall of us!

Here are some highly rando questions to get you going, provided by me and the ever-creative and lovely Marci Robin (thanks, Marcikins!):

What's your favorite TV commercial right now?

If you were a character in Clue, what would your entirely original nom de guerre be? What weapon would you use, and in what room?

What's the hardest body part to draw?

Do you consider yourself an activist?

Are you still close with your childhood best friend?

Now answer any or all of those if it's fun for you to do it. And either way, let's tell each other stories, give each other advice or just make coy, vague, oblique references to whatever the hell we want in this weekend Open Thread, which incidentally is open all weekend and beyond. Because these are our comments to do whatever we want with. Let's do it as much, as seriously, or as goofily as we want, forever and ever, amen, the end. Let's begin!