Come Say Hi In This Open Thread Because I'm Running Out Of Cupcakes To Talk To

Be as sweet as SueK or as not as the commenter who called me the c-word last week. This is your place to say whatever you want (within guidelines, of course) in this free-flowing, random and award-winningly helpful comments section. It's all yours!
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December 12, 2014
open thread, birthdays, Charlotte, Frogs

I'm interested to hear all the little things going on with you. And, of course, any big things too.

The little things I'm looking forward to in my next few days are: Charlotte's birthday party tomorrow at Bounce, a trampoline place we frequent. Of course, I did not attempt to make a cake for the occasion, opting instead to order from Mrs. Fields, as I have for her last three or so bdays. There is a certain unreproducible-at-home-je ne sais quoi about a cookie that remains moist after being boxed and shipped five days prior, don't you think? God, I love those things.

The other upcoming little occasion I'm really excited about is the xoJane staff coming to work out of my apartment on Monday. Again, there will be lots of health-less food involved, some games Eugenia is coming up with, and plenty of other non-work. I wanted to do something to distract these wonderful workers (alliteration=almost as bad as puns, in my book -- yours? Tell me below, if you like) from the understandable stress around the fact that xoJane will have a new owner pretty soon.

We will also be saying a sweet little goodbye to Olivia, who has worked with me here at xoJane since I found her via a commenter contest three and a half lovely years ago and is now moving to Nashville, welcoming Jessica who will be our new Edit Assistant and shouting congratulations to Amber, who is coming on full-time (woohoo!).

Speaking of Olivia, she randomly suggested I share the following fact with you in this Open Thread today (I think she was inspired by my methhead mouse story, but who knows):

Wood frogs can have up to 65% of their body freeze solid and as long as 35% is still a little warm, they can survive all winter.

Now, here is the part where I ask all of the random questions, in case you are inclined to answer them in the comments (or to share a strange animal fact like Olivia's):

Do you remember your most traumatizing birthday party?

What vitamins do you take?

How old does a piece of clothing have to be to be considered vintage?

Do you have a toolbox? Or are your tools just piled in a drawer or something?

Do you prefer peanut butter or almond butter?

If you could talk to any baked good right now, what kind would it be?

Which do you dislike more: alliteration or puns?

Do you think it would help a past lover who just found out you had faked orgasms with them to know that you still thought the sex was fabulous? (I have a hidden agenda with this question, if you didn't already guess that, which I will reveal here next week.)

I'm finishing writing this just in time to grab a snack and sit here patiently waiting for you all to start commenting. As you know, you can say anything at all here (big or little or neither), fill each other in, help each other out, and just enjoy each others' beautiful company. La la la la la