You Have Never Looked More Beautiful Than You Do in This Super-Supportive Open Thread

You could get free designer clothes if you comment!
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October 28, 2016
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I have, and have written here before about, packing-related PTSD. It's tied to the time in my life that I was the most terrified/inconsolable/out of control/out of my element/depressed, which started when I was packing up my trunks to go away to Andover for boarding school.

Ever since then, all of my worst nightmares revolve around futilely scrambling to pack things up in suitcases but having them strewn all around and not being able to get them packed up in time. (By the way, Freud says that purses in dreams are vaginas but has nothing to say about luggage.) And actual packing has been so difficult ever since that I've tried all kinds of methods to get through it, including one era where I would drink vodka while packing to dull the pain and panic and would end up at the Paris Collections, say, with only mismatched shoes and a strange Xmas sweater that I drunkenly thought would be just perfect to wear front row at the Dior show.

So one thing I've done when I have moved in the past is to have movers just come in and box stuff up and bring it to the new place. Which is nice and stress-free in many ways, but it also means you end up at the new place with a lot of junk, such as garbage cans still full of trash being delivered to what could be a fresh new start of a home. Never mind PAYING for those full trash cans to be delivered to said new home. I mean, get it together already....

Speaking of homes, just look at Dan's adorable home tour on Apartment Therapy this week. By the way, I'm moving within blocks of Dan's apartment so I can harass him when he is hungover at the deli in the morning or whatever. (Seriously, I feel for him, because who — other than a registered sex offender if you are a mom of little sextuplets or whatever — would you least like to move close to you? Boss has got to be about the next worst.)

Back to packing: I had an intervention this week courtesy of my friend Cynthia, who LOVES moving and packing. She is showing me a different way. We are packing up my place together, and it's actually satisfying and so far not depressing because she is there with me and hasn't even made fun of my phobia once. My other friend, Courteney, is in town too and taking me out to dinner tonight as you read this, for more packing-and-move-related hand-holding. Oh, yay for all C friends!

One of the great things about doing the packing myself is that instead of putting everything into boxes, I'm taking the opportunity to get rid of a lot of old junk, which as I count it right now amounts to about 10 large-size black garbage bags full of clothes and shoes. So speaking of all of that junk I'm getting rid of, I'd love to donate some stuff from my closet to you lovely readers, if any of you are in need. I will spare you the mismatched shoes and weird old sweaters, but I do have a lot of even designer stuff that I would love for you to have. Let's figure out how to coordinate this. All you would need to cover is the shipping if you wanted any of the stuff.

Tell me in the comments if you'd like anything clothing-related and what you most need. Or tell me if the last thing you'd ever want is my stuff. You could even organize a clothing swap amongst yourselves, with the fellow commenter you admire most (or whose style you can sense is just like yours). Or, if you don't feel like bringing someone else's clothes into your home, maybe you could just answer at least one of these questions (or be more like lovely commenter Gina, who answers every single one of my little questions every single week, which I love):

  • What's the full first name of your closest C friend?
  • Which is more comfortable: your bed or your couch?
  • Do you keep stamps in your wallet/bag at all times?
  • Can you recommend a really good hair conditioner to me?
  • What's the title of the first book you see when you look around your current space?

Definitely talk about what YOU want to talk about. ASAP or take your time. It was fun last weekend that everyone kept hanging out with me in Open Thread even through Sunday night and into Monday and beyond. Big news? Little news? Updates? Advice needed? That's what this endless commenting space is for, and I love when you take it over. This is your place to let it all hang out in typed form. I can't tell you how much I look forward to this extended moment every single week.

Love you all. Now love yourselves and each other here however you choose to do it.

P.S. Though this image Marci sent me today looks like Halloween-themed fake blood, it's actually Marci's mole stigmata (or at least that's what she's calling it until she gets a different diagnosis).

This along with the fact that her body temperature is currently at 95.4 degrees is making us wonder if she's turning into something subhuman. Anyway, what are you dressing up as for this holiday, if anything?

P.P.S. I just reread this and realize it is probably one of the most boring Open Threads I've ever written. Who cares about someone else's move?? Apologies, but feel free to be just as boring in your comments — how's that? Love you either way and always.