This Open Thread Contains A Once-In-A-Blue-Moon Opportunity To Say Something Completely Scandalous

You won't get another one of these rare chances until 2018, so use this one unwisely!
Publish date:
July 31, 2015
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Because I love you far too much, no blue moon jokes or puns will appear in this intro, just some genuine wonder, and a request for you to snap some not-actually-blue moon photos and add them to this thread throughout the weekend.

AND an invitation (order!) to do something really nice for yourself this weekend, knowing that you can say, "Well, I just drink it/indulge in that/splurge this way/spend on myself/go out with her/kiss a stranger/etc once in a blue moon," and be telling the complete truth. What would that rare, special, too infrequent treat to yourself entail right now? Tell us below please, if you would.

If you're interested, here's a video by NASA (where my smart stepdad works! Comment if you're reading this, Petey! And sound smart to prove my assertion!) about why we're getting a second full moon in a single month. If you're not interested in any of that lunarness, you can pounce (catlike!) onto one of these random questions or completely ignore them (also catlike!) and say whatever you please, however you please, in the thread below. To any readers who are new here -- there's no wrong way to join in YOUR open thread!

What's the best view you can see from your house or apartment? What would be your ideal view?

What phone apps help you organize your life and keep you from forgetting to do important things (...asking for a friend)?

Are there still any Confederate flags in your vicinity?

What's one story you liked on xoJane this week? What's one story from the site that you would like to have the magical ability to unread?

Waterslides: accidents waiting to happen or actual fun?

Roller coasters versus spinning rides -- pick one.

Police body cams -- how effective are they?

Did you have a particularly vivid dream this week?

What question do you want to ask your fellow Open Threaders? Tell me, tell each other, and take breaks to admire (and photograph) your pretty night sky.