Oh, Hello! It's Another Glorious, Life-Affirming Weekend Open Thread

Come frolic!
Publish date:
October 11, 2013
open thread, weekend open thread

Happy weekend times, all you good people. As always, this space is yours -- and you can use it to leave whatever comments you'd like, on any topic imaginable. If you're needing a nudge, here are a few possible discussion topics: your caffeine addiction, breastfeeding, where you're going to take your next trip, whether or not you believe in ghosts (or have any ghost stories), music that you're embarrassed to admit you like, and fall jackets! And go!

P.S. Last week you only left half your usual number of comments on this thread. I wonder why. Why do you think? Were you on vacation? Did you have more important things to do? Did you dislike my outfit?