9 Things We Didn't Write About, But That You Might Want to Comment On, Including an Openly Gay Harry Potter Character

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November 13, 2016
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It has been a week. Historic, yup. Unprecedented, true. Potentially the cause of more than one of you having acne breakouts, for sure. Also as seen in the comments, I've been so glad about how much we are all helping each other out right now. Thank you all for that.

There were moments where it was hard to focus on anything but the big unattractive elephant in the room. So there was a lot of stuff that we just didn't get around to covering this week. But since we are not dwellers and we bounce forward (never back) quickly, I assume you're all more than ready to talk about these things that the rest of the Internet did manage to cover this week:

Leonard Cohen's passing (which I did ask these folks to write about but they DISOBEYED ME!) is a "death of a ladies' man" [Rolling Stone]

Imagine running into Hillary Clinton in of all places... the woods! [NYMag]

SNL's Pete Davidson and Staten Island-native, dumps all over his hometown (it's funny, but also wow) [Gothamist]

... which makes total sense if you look at this breakdown for how every neighborhood in NYC voted. [DNA info]

Sadie Depuis' solo project's album is based on a comic book character who thumps people over the head with a baseball bat to relieve them of a nervous breakdown... sort of. [DIYMag]

Nostalgia alert: these vintage Disney park posters from the early 20th century are gorgeous. [TIME]

Watch baby polar bears — TWIN baby polar bears — being born at Columbus Zoo & Aquarium. [10tv]

An openly gay Dumbledore in the forthcoming Harry Potter-adjacent 'Fantastic Beasts' films, you say? [Variety]

Here's how the last six people (who happen to be reality tv personalities) react to being told that their new president is a reality tv personality. [@BBoverthetop]

So at least a portion of those were not election related. Thank goodness? Talk about any or all of them, or any other news going on that you want to talk about, here (Hey, how many of you have actually used the expression "thank goddess"? I'm taking a poll.)