Nothing Can Stop This Open Thread -- Or You!

What's making you feel invincible this week? Or not?
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May 9, 2014
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That headline isn't really related to anything in this post, but it is a true fact.This week, one of our staffers announced she'd be leaving us soon -- more on that later when I can tell you more. I used to get so depressed whenever anyone who was a regular in my life left it, from a waitress to a boss I didn't even like to the guy at the front desk at my gym to anyone on the Sassy staff who moved on to other jobs to my pot dealer (just kidding about that). But now I see it more as a natural process, less as a loss, and it doesn't bother me the way it used to.Also this week, a bunch of us had rough times with our little fur babies: Rebecca at the emergency vet with her cat, Zoe, currently awaiting potentially scary test results; Marci's 14-year-old dog, Max, suddenly wailing and going completely limp at 3 am one morning; Natalie having to put the cat she just adopted a few months ago, Moggins, to sleep.Another thing that is happening: My grandma, who, as you know, is 107 and healthy and happy as anyone, is getting evicted from the place she lives, so we have been looking around for other options for her. She is just so chill about change, which is a lesson to me to be chill about change in my life.And on Mother's Day, I am actually leaving to go to Miami for a sales conference, so saying goodbye to my own kid that day, which is bittersweet, because of Miami weather and the fact that I am going to try kite surfing while I'm there -- something I can't do when I have her with me.Well, you can talk about change or moving or grandmas or moms or pets here, or maybe something like...

  • Do you wrap presents in newspaper?
  • Do you love or hate camping?
  • Have you ever seen a movie being filmed in your neighborhood?
  • Better backyard recreational thing: pool or trampoline?
  • Sex with a robot -- yes or no?

Don't let that list limit you! This is your place to let it all hang out, in typed form. I can't tell you how much I look forward to this moment every single week.