Let's Get Nostalgic In This Sepia-Toned, Sentimental, Obscurely Sorrowful Open Thread

Or: How are YOU feeling this week?
Publish date:
March 27, 2015
open thread, Jane, memories, nostalgia

I have spent this week alternating between two essential states: joyously jumping and down as the man-made tidal wave of Typhoon Lagoon approaches and breathing deeply to find my center while packed together tightly with wild-eyed, sunburned, and screaming children. There is something endearing about hordes of enchanted tweens running around a theme park built on dreams (was that a rhyme?), but there's also the screaming.

So, this week was fun and exhausting and made my heart ache a little bit. Also I think it may have given me the beginnings of a cold on this, my last day (you know when the wheel you turn in the middle of the tea-cup is sliding out of your hands as you pull it around that you may as well be deep kissing all the other hundreds (thousands?) of men, women and children who have ridden it before you -- but you love it and go for it anyway).

If you're feeling so sentimentally inclined, chat with me in the comments about the rose colored glasses of yesteryear and how you maintain a sense of wonder in the world. Or, you can keep your heart to yourself and mull around these other, less personal, more timely questions:

What's your favorite flavor skittle?

Senator Harry Reid's retirement: finally or too soon?

Any thoughts about the One Direction hysteria? And have you seen the #cuttingforzayn images?

Would you trust a plane that could fly itself?

Is music festival (Coachella, Burning Man, etc.,) fashion terrible?

What is the appropriate temperature for open toed shoes?

Are you sad to see Downton Abbey end?

Do you take Ted Cruz seriously?

If you don't want to answer these questions, say whatever you want to each other. This is your open thread. Never forget it.