Say Absolutely Anything in This Never Judgmental, Not Linear, Non Sequitur-Loving Open Thread

Speaking of which, have you had satisfying sex this week?
Publish date:
February 26, 2016
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I realized that I only write the little intros about my week to encourage you all to share your (even equally mundane) updates in the comments. But since I know most of you skip that part anyway, let me just get right to my questions for you, 'cause you and your answers to them, and whatever other more-interesting things you want to talk about, ARE this column, as we all well know:

Who are your favorite musers and do you have a Finsta? (This question is really just me showing off because, thanks to the fact that I am the only adult invited to join my teenage daughter and her friends over breakfast every morning in the cafeteria, I knew these terms before Amber, who is half my age. Old-lady brag right there! Did I use them properly?)

Can you help me track down any personal info on my sweet oral surgeon/future-husband-when-I'm-90 from last week's Open Thread, who is apparently not on Facebook? His name is Jonathan Gordon and he practices in Beverly Hills? Go, fellow romantics, go! Please?

Does it make you anxious when someone says "come on?"

Does it bug you too much when people chew loudly?

Have you ever had surgery?

Do you use artificial sweeteners?

Have you had satisfying sex this week (with yourself counts)?

What's your favorite place to read?

Do you have a song stuck in your head right now?

Remember, you can write anything at all below, have long-winded conversations amongst yourselves, ask or give advice, talk to me or other people on staff (except Dan, who is on his way to Cuba right now, furthering his fabulous life), tell random stories or tell what you had for dinner that was so good. Anything at all, truly. Nonlinear thinking and non sequiturs and ramblingly long off-topic conversations are hugely encouraged.

And far be it from me (which I thought was "far be it for me" until you corrected me — I also thought it was "honing in on" as opposed to "homing in on" until this week, and don't even get me started on the fact that, according to the New York Times, you are supposed to say someone is "the spit and image of her mother" rather than "the spitting image of her mother" - I mean, come on!) to judge anything ever with all the crap I've said and done and continue to say and do. So say anything at all below without fear of reprisal or judgment. Those are the only non-rules for commenting. Just comment! Again and again! Everyone here will love it if you do.