No Matter Where I Am, This Open Thread Is HERE

Have you been having a week as full of friendship as I have?
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August 22, 2014
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Greetings from the most beautiful place in the world! AKA Courteney Cox’s place in Malibu. Since she is a contributor to xoJane, we still get a lot of mail for her in our NYC offices, and I briefly considered bringing her all of the crocheting books that publishing publicists (say that five times fast) send to her constantly, but could you imagine the overweight luggage fees?

And where have you been this week? That is something you are completely, totally, wholly welcome to talk about in this Open Thread. So what are your thoughts on these things:

  • Do you believe in the whole “death comes in threes” thing?
  • Big necklaces: inside the collar or outside?
  • Do you spend money on Facebook and app games?
  • Have you ever gotten sucked into a mosh pit against your will?
  • What seasonal coffee flavor should be available year-round?

If you think those are completely stupid topics, you can talk about something else here, ask advice, tell someone else's secret, or you can hurl insults at me for even raising them, because ultimately, the Open Thread is YOUR place to say whatever you want. That's what makes it.