You Are The Only Excellent Thing In This Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Rushed Open Thread

What's good?
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October 16, 2015
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I have been very bicoastal this week, which means Charlotte is emailing her homework to her teachers and I am taking all my conference calls at odd-for-everyone hours. It also means that I remembered you, the most deserving of all internet homies, deserved an Open Thread intro (and I needed to write it) at 5:45 EST.

Thank goodness you don't need need me to get this weekend-long commenting party started, just like my editors don't need need me to be in the office five days a week and I don't need need to order three pieces of tiramisu every time I order pizza, but I do anyway.

So, while this intro is possibly superfluous, these very random questions are less so (because I really need need some answers):

What is the ABSOLUTE BEST Halloween candy (for both trick-or-treaters and to have as leftovers)?

If it was socially acceptable not to smile in pictures, would you quit smiling?

Do you feel sorry for Lincoln Chafee (asking for a friend -- Amber has told me she has fallen into a depression and is considering donating to his campaign since the #Demdebate)?

What TV shows are you watching religiously this fall?

How long is the longest amount of time you've been sick (I'm going on three weeks here)?

And to wrap this up, how would you describe this open thread to someone you wanted to join us and comment here? Then follow your own good advice and do that below. Xox and love you always.

P.S. If you want to talk about anything you've heard in the press about us today, I will do my best (or create a burner Disqus account) to confirm or deny what I can!