Nice to see you!

And how do you say, "I love you, honey," in British?
Publish date:
June 21, 2012
Rebecca Holman, hugs, Americanisms, Britishisms

There's that Hollywood trick of never saying "Nice to meet you," but rather always, "Nice to see you," just in case you've met the person before and forgotten them.

In this case, some of you I've probably never met before but some I know really really well (those of you who've read all about my pubic hair and my miscarriages over at, and well, here we all are.

I didn't have time to write anything specifically for the launch of the first xoJane and ran some old thing (which was quite a hit, I must say). Now here I am, barely over a year later, 24 hours after launching our UK Edition ( !!!!!!!!!) and just now getting to sit down and write you a welcome-and-so-glad-you're-here note.

Hi, welcome, and I'm so glad you're here! As Rebecca and co have been getting all the stuff you see on the site ready for you to see it, I keep commenting to Rebecca about just how British the stuff is. Which I'm sure is very helpful feedback for her [it's very helpful, thank you! --Rebecca].

In any case, I want to know what you think of and its cast of characters. What do you want more and less of? What are you saying behind our backs? What do you want to tell me that has absolutely nothing to do with what I've just written? Are my hugs and "I love you, honeys" even less welcome here? And how would you say "I love you, honey" in British?

AND... Thank you for letting me come over.