9 Things We Didn't Write About This Week but That You Might Want to Talk About, Including the Disgusting Things Ken Bone Said on Reddit

Did Alex Trebek insult you this week?
Publish date:
October 16, 2016

It’s Sunday, AKA News Roundup Day. You know the drill: We wanted to write about all of these stories but we didn’t or couldn’t, but we still wanted to give you the opportunity to discuss them with each other if you’d like, which you often do like.

You’re also more than welcome to describe your feelings about Donald Trump using words, GIFs, an emoticon face, or any other medium you choose.

The list of women who say they’ve been groped or kissed by Donald Trump just keeps on growing. [People]

And the RNC is falling apart. [New York Times]

You can officially get married at the Magic Kingdom at night, if that's what you're into/you have a lot of money. [Huffington Post]

Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for literature. [New York Times]

Ken Bone has said some... uh... interesting stuff on Reddit. [CNN Money]

TripAdvisor stopped selling tickets to attractions that offer wild animal encounters. [Guardian]

The secret to Amber Rose's glowing skin is probably not what you think it is. [NY Daily News]

The new U.N. ambassador for gender equality is a famous cartoon superheroine. [NPR]

Nerdcore hip-hop fans did not take kindly to Alex Trebek calling them "losers." [Variety]

Wherever and however you’re reading this — on a phone or a tablet or a desktop computer on a rowboat in the middle of the ocean (are you OK?) — your feelings about these and other current events are wanted and warranted, and, as always, the best conversations happen in the comments.

PS I will be in here with you for sure this week, because I don't have a life and am also avoiding packing, as discussed in my/your weekend Open Thread....