You Are The Star Of This Name-Droppy Open Thread

But first, please answer: Do you swallow gum?
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December 11, 2015
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I just flew from LAX last night on the redeye, after a week of being chased around by paparazzi and then mercifully being cropped out of their photos. Observe the following photo set, tentatively titled "My Hand, My Arm, Charlotte's Flip-Flop Along With My Skinny Upper Arm: A Triptych."

While there, I also trimmed Whitney Cummings' tree with Sia, Amy Adams, Jen Aniston, Jason Bateman and his cool wife Amanda, and, of course, Courteney. All wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. And I stayed up another night dancing on a patio with Helen Fielding and Susanna Hoffs to a playlist Susanna put together. Spent some lovely pool time with Sacha
Baron Cohen, Isla Fisher and the kids. And on and on. Ah, LA.

I even took a little video for you while being surrounded by these dudes, but I'm in a hurry to post this and you are probably in a hurry to talk about your own more important happenings from your weeks, so I will spare you.

Now back on dry land, I want to ask your input for a new/old feature we are starting here at xoJane that will highlight our most outstanding posts of all time.

I know that a lot of our work here at XO has stood out for not the proudest of reasons, so for this exercise, we are looking for the ones you liked the best. Your favorite posts of all time. If you're entirely indifferent to that whole concept, see if any of these random questions gets you going. Or just get right to it and talk about whatever you want to here, as you do, or make fun of my attempt at name-dropping above. Or whatever you like!

  • Who's your favorite pre-19th century artist?
  • Do you like the look of your feet?
  • What (if any) winter Holiday do you celebrate?
  • Have you given Amazon's new series, Man in the High Castle, a try?
  • Who's your first (and last) pick for President of the United States? (Write-ins are obviously welcome.)

We've now reached the point when Porky the pig would stutter, "that's all folks!" Instead, I'm going to remind you (as if you need reminding) that this open thread is always, irrevocably and entirely, yours. Say whatever is on your mind, make new friends, check in with old friends, and make this comment section your most-free-wheeling and happiest place on earth.