Here's My New Personal Phone Number. In Case There's More You Want To Talk About Besides EVERYTHING We Are About To Discuss In This Very Open Open Thread

Text or call me any time at 917-239-2891. Or talk to each other here. But don't not talk! It's unhealthy!
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November 7, 2014
    Along with my well-documented candy drawer at home, I also have a fully stocked tea drawer. And in the tea drawer is a tea that is supposed to help curb my sugar cravings (white mulberry tea, I think it's called, and it seems to work). So it's like: opening THIS drawer may prevent me from ever needing to open THAT drawer.
    I think there is a metaphor for healthy relationships in there somewhere, but since I don't have those, I wouldn't really know. No, I have very healthy relationships with my friends and co-workers and stuff -- just not the romantic kind. For example, can I still call someone my boyfriend if we haven't actually seen each other in, I think, about a year and a half or so? (I'm bad with time.) Emily thinks not.
    Anyway, back to CANDY. While there is still a lot of leftover Halloween candy around, I made the, I think, wise choice this week not to drink the tea so that I could fully crave and enjoy the candy. (Now that I think of it, that's the perfect metaphor for how I have handled my love life thus far. Has your love life consisted of more stable tea-type relationships or have you forgone those to indulge in more crazy up-and-down candy binges?)
    Well, that's as wise and consequential as it gets as far as what I have to share with you in this scenic route of an Open Thread intro this week. It has been a week of lots of little things.
    Let's see. I starred in a movie. Ha: I was in a documentary about REM that premiered last night and I saw some old friends at the before-party, some of whose names you may or may not know depending on things like what music you listen to, when you were born and how diligently you read xoJane. It was fun! My voice is still hoarse today!

What I am most excited for this week is the new way I can give you wonderful readers real-time (weird overused descriptor) advice. It started because Mandy and some other friends text me for advice intermittently and in the staff meeting this week, I was wailing (professionally) that I really want to use the crap that I've been through to help more people! It is called co-dependence, but whatever: take advantage of it! I do love to help out with anything and everything you're dealing with, big or small.

Here's how it goes. Text me your problem (or call if it is really urgent, but if it goes to voicemail, probably don't bother) and I'll answer any questions I can answer. We will publish some on the site, so that y'all can give different advice than mine -- and I promise not to publish your phone number along with your texts. Here's mine: 917-239-2891

    Now, if you like, here are some totally random questions you can answer if you don't already have such a rambling list of items you have been dying to share here this week, like I did:
  • What is your favorite Netflix genre?
  • Have you ever heard the term "Leaf Peepers"? What about those people that search for mushrooms and go to meetings to talk about them?
  • What is your favorite black & white movie?
  • Batman or Robin?
  • What was the last truly satisfying meal you had?

I think that is enough, right? Don't worry if you don't want to answer any of these and would rather tell each other about your terrible breakup or great haircut or talk about who got elected and who didn't or whatever else instead. This open thread is a black hole where judgment goes to die. So let's talk.