Say Something Sweet in This Open Thread Because My Blood Sugar Is Low and Self Care Is Important

That was a semi-joke. This weekly open thread — each and every one! — is actually all here for each and every one of you. So use it as you like!
Publish date:
March 4, 2016
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I love talking to you guys and I love when you guys talk to each other. It's a really basic concept and is basically the only concept behind this weekly column that I do. So, I write these little intros and stick on a headline and a dek that I hope will make you feel free to say anything at all, however deeply personal or however deeply mundane, in these comments.

Then I spend my weekends checking in checking in checking in to marvel at your comments back and forth with each other, with me and sometimes with others on staff. When there aren't that many new comments, I monitor upvotes, answer questions, think of the best advice I could give you for whatever you've asked for help with. I do this before turning off my phone at yoga and when I wake up to pee at 3:32 am. I'm obsessed, clearly.

And then I find myself wondering why some weeks you leave 1,039 bits of genius here and others a measly 621. Was it something I said? Something I forgot to say? Or were you just busy with a holiday or a big game?

So what I did this week was to run the headline and dek that elicited the most comments of all time here. To further this focus-group-research-and-data-driven methodology, here are the questions that elicited the largest number of responses since this column's inception back in 2015 or so. So would you care to answer these (again in some cases)?

What are your thoughts on apple cider vinegar?

Have you ever had a crush on a cartoon character?

What's the last thing you asked for help with?

Do you keep a comb in the shower?

Is this a really dumb idea because repeating the headline and questions won't have the same impact it had the first time, and duh?

Because I know that you are your own people, I will leave you with the message: DO NOT comment (including but not limited to asking for advice, telling how you're feeling this week, describing what you're eating for dinner, updating each other on your puppy or child, or even saying "hi") below because I said to! (Or is that a double negative type thing?) And definitely do not comment at all just because I will be watching these comment counts like a freak.

But say anything at all. Over and over. And have fun (if you like fun).