Morning Faces Gallery 2 (Starring YOU and Courtney Love!)

Plus, CAT decides to join the party!
Publish date:
February 3, 2012
Courtney Love, morning faces, show us your

You are so damn wonderful (and brave like superheroes -- hoho). After we put up your Morning Faces last week, we were inundated with more and more photographs, taken by you, of yourselves, immediately upon waking in the morning -- without even using the setting where you can see how you look as you take it, you iPhoners. And believe me, I can tell the difference, having taken way too many an image of myself (all for work, of course) both with and without that setting. Every time she turns around, Olivia's inbox is full of your dilated pupils and generally-bleary-eyed GORGEOUS selves and your stories of how you got to be that way.

Among the submissions, I saw some famous faces. (And a big thank you to ABC and to KTLA and to Alice@97.3 for doing yours too. So cool.) We will be showing you more of those as we go along with this series. In this batch, two of our contributors came through with theirs, one unprompted (Courtney Love) and one with LOTS of begging first (Cat Marnell).

Please enjoy looking through them and, if you are inspired to send yours in, fill up the inbox even further at She won't mind. And I will loooooove seeing you.