Me and Dr. Drew, Sittin' On A Couch

Dr. Drew will answer your questions if you give them to me here. Deal? PS I WANT him.
Publish date:
February 6, 2012
co-dependent, dr. drew, jane radio

I have met many many people, as I'm sure you have. Unless you've chosen a life where you haven't met a lot of people, which sounds lovely and I would like to try that sometime. In any case, I don't get excited about the idea of meeting new people anymore. Not that I don't feel very fulfilled when I do connect with someone that I meet (almost a surprising feeling that reminds me of being 11 and making a friend that I wanted to constantly hold hands with). There is just nobody in the abstract that I'd particularly want to meet. Besides that slumber party with all of you, of course. Sad. I remember like a decade ago thinking that I could still get excited about meeting Keith Richards (that I could get some celebrity-adulation adrenaline going for that one) and then I got to hang out with him and, despite wanting to jump on top of him for crazy sex each time, I wasn't excited. Same with both Bill and Hillary (in terms of the sex and the lack of excitement). It's like a drug that has stopped working because the synapses aren't firing on their own anymore or something, whatever.

Which brings me to this: Tomorrow I am meeting Dr. Drew for the first time. What excites me about this is that I am co-dependent, which has nearly taken my life on a number of occasions, and I want so much to talk to him about this. But here's the thing: I don't want to monopolize this time I have with him talking about MY problems (though it's tempting, because from what I've seen of him on TV and with other friends, he could really help me out). So what questions do you suggest I ask Dr. Drew? Is there anything in particular you want to know his take on or any help you want from him? (And I do want to maul him too, but will resist. I am letting Emily have this one, as she wants it even more than I do. Okay, enough inappropriateness, please help me out with questions here. I'm seeing him around noon.) THANKS for your help, as always, and xoPS Who do you still want to meet? Or no one?