Say Something Long, Short, or in Between in This Up for Anything Open Thread

Has 2016 been your best year ever?
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January 29, 2016
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Have open threads felt long to you lately? I always start out thinking, “Oh, I have nothing to say so this will be short and everyone can just get right to the good part of this weekly post (your comments)." Then I get talking to you and feeling free to ramble and HERE I GO AGAIN! I'm dedicated to keeping this intro short and sweet, because part of my thing this new year (not a resolution — I’ve never done those — but just a realization about something that is shifting for me right now) is Trying A Different Way.

From morning until night now, when something feels stale or like it’s not working for me, I have been doing that. From brushing my teeth before I feed the dogs in the morning (exciting stuff, I know!) to going to have a late dinner with my friends in the recording studio tonight because I haven’t done that in ages and it’s fun, so why not??

SO, here I am rambling again and all I started out to say was that Short and Sweet are two qualities I particularly love in a person and a piece of writing. And a piece of candy. The end.

Or not quite the end because I've got a few random questions for you, my favorite focus group.

Did you watch the last in an endless string of GOP debates?What's the weirdest thing a stranger's ever said to you?How do you relax on the weekends?What was the last prescription you filled?Do you meditate?

You don’t have to answer those questions, but you can if you want. You also don’t have to comment, but if you do, I can pretty much assure you that you will get an outpouring of nonjudgmental support and feedback to whatever you write here (from the word ‘hi’ to a lengthy essay) from this award-winning amazing community of like- and opposite-minded others.

So ramble or not, enjoy each other's company and go on as many tangents as you like, because you are always allowed and never stale, and even when you are stale, you make it taste better that way and are, god, such an important part of this comment section. So do comment as often as you like. And don't feel silly coming back here throughout the week, as I do, to check in with each other again and again and whatever. There really are no limits — to you or to what you can say here below.