Get Anything Off Your Chest In This Load-Bearing Open Thread

PICK ONE: Has life A. Overwhelmed, B. Underwhelmed, or C. Just whelmed you this week?
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November 6, 2015
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Well. My job this week has consisted of troubleshooting, filling forms out in triplicate (really duplicate, but triplicate makes the point sound stronger, although it kind of implies prescriptions for addictive medications -- so, okay, duplicate it is), applying password-strength algorithms, totaling up budgets, bcc-ing, and at times has probably even devolved into bad corporate portmanteau territory like guesstimating.

In short, not using my strengths. I kept awesome Time Inc tech guy Jeff at my desk so long this morning trying to get my benefits issues sorted out that he he looked so relieved when Amber walked in and he could pass me off to someone else and escape to help her get her log-ins (or whatever) set up instead.

The good sides of this soul-crushiness are that: 1) It is temporary. 2) It has helped me relate to Charlotte's attitude about a lot of her homework. 3) I'm writing this intro for you all from our lovely new offices where there are


3ii. Also: free whipped coffee (Marci and I were trying to pretend that we just do this coffee thing here every day like the other folks in the kitchen with us this morning, so were too afraid to push the whipped button and have something go spraying around that would expose our newbie status -- what does that whipped button do? Tell us if you know.)

3iii. Purple walls and fun little cabana-like soft-fabric-y areas to gather in and gossip with the other XOers.

3iv. Free print magazines everywhere.

3v. The same, my favorite, view of the Hudson river I have from my apartment, meaning I can look over my computer screen right now and watch a little tugboat and a cruise ship going by.

Mostly, I do believe that everything is happening exactly as and when it is supposed to, and I do try to get out of my own way and go with the flow. And I know I can make what I want to of any situation. Sometimes that is just more challenging than others.

This is the part where you tell me that I'm wrong and very silly to be so crestfallen because of little tiny stuff, that I am not reacting to stimuli properly, or the part where you commiserate and tell me (and each other) that you know exactly how I feel because x, y, or z or any other variable of sharing, updating, and making this open thread the most supportive place to hang out on the weekends.

Or where you answer any or all of the following goofy questions I'm curious about your answers to:

How many GB's is your data plan?

Can you put essential oils in a humidifier?

What's your favorite root vegetable and do you believe that eating them makes you feel more grounded?

What is your go-to lie, if any, for getting out of plans?

What's the best cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches?

Have your feet grown or shrunk as you've gotten older? Your breasts (meaning since they were fully developed)?

And that about wraps it up! Now it is your turn to argue with me, argue with each other, support each other, tell me I'm a bummer, tell each other what you are eating for dinner, say if you have allergies, post a picture of your pet, laugh, celebrate, ask for advice or whatever helps you right now. 'Cause wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!