The last time I saw Rachael Ray, we were peeing side by side and talking

Rachael Ray wants YOUR questions. As only you can ask them.
Publish date:
March 21, 2012
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Rachael Ray will tell you whatever you want to know. So ask away and I will pass your questions along when I see her on Friday.

I don't know all the stuff I am probably supposed to know about Rachael — or that 99.7% of Americans probably know about her. You know how I am — we've been through this before. That's one reason I so appreciate your help in these situations.

When I think of Rachael, I think of other things. Some background, if you like: The last time I saw her we were peeing side-by-side (stall door in between) while she was recounting the conversation she'd just had with Bill Clinton, following the photo we'd just had taken with him, where he put his arms around us both of us and then told her that she needed bodyguards.

I am having trouble even telling that story properly as all I want to do is lay down on my office couch and take a little nap. I think I am getting Emily's flu, but we haven't been intimate lately, so that wouldn't make sense. Hmmm.Anyway, Rachael Ray. What do you want to ask her? What do you want to know?Oh, anything to do with Ziploc baggies would be great to throw in there with your questions. THANK YOU. More about me and my pee on Twitter @JanePratt.